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Published: 18th June 2012
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You may wonder why I recommend a network marketing company, opposed to promoting affiliate products as my primary revenue source, to put it simply, empower network Jacksonville allows you to earn a residual income, and build a team that helps you to earn a substantial living, apposed to having to set up multiple sites for different products.

When looking for a business to start online, I first thought about developing my own product to sell, my thought being if I can develop a product that is easily reproduced and maintained I would be able to sell it over and over again. In this quest I humbly realized I was not skilled enough to actually offer a product that would really benefit a large number of people.

I then began researching what the so called Gurus were doing and how they reached their status. I soon found that most of them started their carriers in network marketing. Why is this important? With a residual income and a team of net workers working for them is how they can afford to spend the time and money it takes in developing their own products and their skills.

That is when I started to understand that putting forth the effort to sell a product online, it only makes sense that the product you sell pays you every month, over and over again, for the effort of one sale and that sale comes with a partner that is now putting forth an effort to make sales that also benefits you.

Why I chose "Empower Network Jacksonville"

Why I chose "Empower Network" over other network marketing companies, is the payment structure. With " Empower Network", you make 100% commissions on your personal sales that are paid directly to you from your e-wallet account, so your not waiting for the company to send you a check.

Now you may be wondering how you can make 100% commissions on a product you don't have to produce or maintain?

The reason empower network Jacksonville can allow you to earn 100% commission, on your sales, is their unique compensation structure. This plan is called a forced up system. How it works is your 2nd, 4th, and 6th, sale is forced up to your sponsor, and every 5th sale after that to infinity.

You may be thinking that this is a bit harsh if you have never mad any sales in networking before. Think about this, with the training you receive from this program you will be able to bring in hundreds of people to view this program, and a % of them will join, so when they join they to will have the opportunity to use these strategies that bring in the visitors to their site and a % of them will join and so on.

How the system benefits you?

When you join empower network Jacksonville and you do each step in the training you should start seeing the results within 90 days or so. This is free traffic of unique visitors to your blog where your links/ads are for them to check out the opportunity.

When you have made a few sales, and have team members that start to make sales the system starts to work in your favor, for example: You have say 10 team members and they make their first 6 sales, then 3 of each of those sales are forced up to you, so you now gained 30 new team members that are paying you 100% commissions monthly, which would be 30 new members + 10 original members = 40 team members = $1000 in residual income at the $25 level, and when you and your team members upgrade to the inner circle which = $125 per month residual income from each team member would = $5000 a month income.

Now think about this, the team members under you in this system can grow to infinity, both wide and deep. How many systems do you know of that can claim that.

To become a member of the fastest growing online network in the world, you simple follow this link:"Empower Network Jacksonville", put in your best email address and watch the short video.

Then just follow the directions. The email address you enter will be how I personally contact you, and help you get on a quick track to a full time income.

I recommend you sign up for the "Stupidly Simple SEO", training course, this has helped me understand how to use the Internet to it's fullest potential to drive traffic to my sites. The "Stupidly Simple SEO", is not affiliated with the "Empower Network, but it compliments the training that "Empower Network", offers. The combined methods and strategies will make you a marketing guru in about 90 days if you follow the instructions.

I hope you decide to join me in success with Empower Network Jacksonville, and remember,"True Success Comes From Helping Others Succeed".


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